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Collapse On-line Gas AnalysersOn-line Gas Analysers
MAP Check 3
MAP Check 3 Pressure - NEW
Collapse Leak DetectorsLeak Detectors
Dansensor® LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+
LeakMatic II - NEW
LeakPointer II - NEW
Lippke Model 4000 & 4500
Collapse Material Testing Instruments UTMMaterial Testing Instruments UTM
Collapse Universal Testing machine UTM up to 5kN Universal Testing machine UTM up to 5kN
UTM LS1- 1kN
UTM LS 2.5- Extended Travel 2.5 kN
UTM LS5- 5 kN
Twin Column Bench Mounted 5-50 kN Capacity
Twin Column Floor Standing 100-150kN
Grips and Fixtures
Thermal Cabinets and High Temperature Furnaces
Load Cells
Collapse Barrier & PermeationBarrier & Permeation
Collapse Water Vapor Permeation InstrumentsWater Vapor Permeation Instruments
PERMATRANW® Model 3/34 G
PERMATRAN-W® Model 700
PERMATRAN-W® Model 3/61
PERMATRAN-W® Model 1/50
PERMATRAN-W® Model 398
Collapse Oxygen Permeation InstrumentsOxygen Permeation Instruments
OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 H
OX-TRAN® Model 1/50
OX-TRAN® Model 2/61
OpTech® -O2 Model P
OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 L
OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 10X
OX-TRAN® Model 702
OX-TRAN® Model 2/12
Collapse Carbon Dioxide Permeation InstrumentsCarbon Dioxide Permeation Instruments
PERMATRAN-C® Model 4/41
Collapse Head Space Gas AnalyzersHead Space Gas Analyzers
Check Point 3
CheckMate 3
OpTech®-O2 Model P
PAC CHECK® 302 Hand-held 02 Analyzer
PAC CHECK® 325 Hand-held 02 and CO2 Analyzer
PAC CHECK® 333 Hand-held 02 CO2 and CO Analyzer
PAC CHECK® 450 Bench top 02
PAC CHECK® 450EC Bench top 02
PAC CHECK® 650 Bench top 02 and C02
PAC CHECK® 650EC Bench top 02 and C02
PAC CHECK® 550 Bench top C02
PAC CHECK 800 ® series hand-held and bench top
Collapse Innovative Proofreading solutionsInnovative Proofreading solutions
Graphics Inspection
Barcode Inspection
Add-on Modules
Print Inspection
Color Inspection
Text Inspection
Collapse CalibratorsCalibrators
Temperature Calibrators
Collapse Temperature MeasurementTemperature Measurement
Pressure Calibrators
Signal Calibrators
Temperature Sensors
Collapse Friction & Hot TackFriction & Hot Tack
CF800-XS Coefficient Of Friction Tester
32-91 Lab Master® Slip and Friction Tester
32-25 Coefficient of Friction Tester
HT-1SX Hot Tack Tester
SL-10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester
Collapse Package Integrity TesterPackage Integrity Tester
Lippke Model 4000 & 4500
Thermal Conductivity
Collapse Leak DetectionLeak Detection
Collapse Destructive Leak DetectionDestructive Leak Detection
PAC CHECK 800 series
VC 1380- Methylene blue dye bath
Lippke Model 4000 & 4500
PAC GUARD® Model 400
MultiCheck® 300 & 400 Series
Collapse Non Destructive Leak DetectionNon Destructive Leak Detection
Dansensor® LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+
VeriPac225/325 - Package Integrity Testing
VeriPac 455- Micro Leak Testing
VeriPac 410 inspection system seal and leak detection
VeriPac D-Series Offline Pouch Inspection
Collapse Food TestingFood Testing
Collapse Texture analyserTexture analyser
TA1 Texture Analyser
Collapse Gas MixersGas Mixers
MAP Mix Provectus
MAP Mix 9001
Buffer Tank
Collapse Heat SealersHeat Sealers
HSE3 Heat Sealer
HSB-1 Economy Sealer
HS-2 Laboratory Heat Sealer
SL-2 Digital Heat Sealer
Validatable Medical Heat Sealer
TS-12 Heat Sealer
HEM-PHS Heat Sealer
Collapse Force Gauges & StandsForce Gauges & Stands
Digital Force Gauges
Mechanical Force Gauges
Torque Gauges
LTCM Series Motorized Tester
Digital Force Tester
Mechanical Test Stand
Collapse Pet & Glass Bottles TestingPet & Glass Bottles Testing
Collapse PET Bottles TestingPET Bottles Testing
Delta Hi-E PET Bottle Pressure Test Machine
Hot Fill Simulation
Closure Performance Test
Collapse Glass Bottles Testing Glass Bottles Testing
Delta Hi-E Glass Bottle Pressure Test Machine
Vertical Top Load Glass bottles and containers
Glass Bottle Concentricity Test
Sample Preparation Test
Collapse Polymer Testing InstrumentsPolymer Testing Instruments
Collapse Melt Flow IndexerMelt Flow Indexer
Density Gradient Columns
Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Testing
Specific Gravity Densimeters
Collapse Package Testing InstrumentsPackage Testing Instruments
Opacity & Optical Density
Gloss Meter
Haze Meter
Opacity Tester
Ink Rub Tester
Falling Dart Impact
Release & Adhesion
Tear Tester
Brightness & Color Meter
Taber Abrasion Tester
Scratch Tester
Stiffness Tester
Collapse Hardness Testing MachineHardness Testing Machine
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Collapse Brinell Hardness TesterBrinell Hardness Tester
9000N Series Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester
KB Series Brinell Hardness Tester
Pin Brinell Hardness Testers
Collapse Microhardness TesterMicrohardness Tester
MT90 Series
HMV-2 Series
Collapse Brinell Optical SystemsBrinell Optical Systems
B.O.S.S.™ Brinell Optical Scanning System
HiLight® Brinell Optical Scope
Collapse DurometersDurometers
Exacta Series HP Hand Held Durometers
Exacta 200 Series Digital System
Collapse Paper TestingPaper Testing
61-76 ACT Automatic Cobb Tester
10-48 Rotary Abraser
M.I.T. Folding Endurance Testers
56-15 Electric Incinerator
17-34 Short Span Compression Tester
17-76 Compression Tester
17-77 Top Load Compression Tester
22-34 Precision Cutters for Paper
22-25 Precision Sample Cutters
75-08 Vertical Fluter
32-91 Lab Master® Slip and Friction
32-71 Lab Measure Slip & Friction
32-07 Monitor/Slip and Friction
40-54 Smith Roll Tightness Tester
40-20 Paper Roll Hardness Tester
08-06-Portable Sword Hygrometer
84-58 Horizontal Tensile Tester
84-92 Lab Master Z-Directional Tensile Tester
80-20 Internal Bond Tester
58-03 Densometers
58-21 Roughness and Air Permeance Tester
58-05 Bekk Smoothness Tester
58-05 Bekk Smoothness Test Station
58-24 Monitor/Smoothness II
58-06 Parker Print Surf (PPS)
58-02 Monitor/Smoothness
Parker Print-Surf (Dual Head)
79-25 Bending Resistance Tester
83-11 Monitor/Tear Tester
83-20 Tear Tester
84-02 Universal Tester 2.5kN - AT
49-08 Pocket Micrometers
49-76/77 Thickness Tester
70-60 Digital Basis Weight Scale
70-02 Paper Basis Weight Scales
Preventative Maintenance & Calibration and Installation and Training Services
Collapse Industries We ServeIndustries We Serve
Packaging Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Food Industry
Plastic Industry
Textile Industry
Rubber Industry
Metal Industry
Foam Industry
Paper & Board Industry
Products & Components Industry
Telecom Industry
Defence Industry
Energy Industry
Institutes Industry
Chemicals Industry
Healthcare Industry
Specialized Industry
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Customer Training
Preventive Maintenance
Application Support
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