Torque Gauges
  • The Chatillon® DFS II Series with remote STS carries all of the features of the DFS II in a package that provides the user with the ability to perform torque measurements. The DFS II-R-ND allows the user to change STS sensors adding the flexibility of having one base indicator and several load cells to meet different testing needs. The head unit can also be used with SLC load cells providing one unit to perform all force and torque testing.

    The Chatillon® DFS II Series offers the best price performance of any digital force gauge available today. Our brand new DFS II Series of Digital Force Gauges is the first of their type to offer wireless data transfer and communication via integral Bluetooth.

    This compact, easy-to-use force gauge is designed for basic and complex applications. Ideal for handheld or test stand applications, the DFS II may be equipped with integral load cells or smart remote sensors for load measurement or torque measurement. Measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% full scale in integral load cell or dedicated remote models.

    • Use a Non-Dedicated Torque Sensor to expand the applications that can be performed by a single DFS II digital force gauge unit.
    • Use a DFS II with a remote STS torque sensor to check product packaging security and the ability of a consumer to open the package.
    • The remote torque sensor design is useful in allowing for a technician to easily move around a product and perform multiple checks on fasteners.