•  Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd




    Designed and built to cover multiple international testing standards, the Ray-Ran Advanced HDT/ Vicat Apparatus utilises microprocessor technology to accurately determine the deflection and softening point characteristics of all thermo plastic test specimens.


    The HDT/Vicat apparatus allows for multiple simultaneous testing of samples depending on the amount of test stations available, either 2 or 4.


    Test results are downloaded to the supplied file capture software via the Rs232 serial connector and are displayed in tabular format. Results can also be saved as .CSV files which can be opened with microsoft excel for data manipulation and report presentation. if required, the optional thermal printer can be supplied and fitted to the apparatus for direct results printout.



    ·         HDT/Vicat testing enabled

    ·         Manual Raise/Lower of test stations

    ·         Advanced microprocessor control

    ·         2 or 4 sample test stations

    ·         Digital temperature control

    ·         Temperature range to 300°C

    ·         Oil bath stirrer

    ·         Solenoid operated cooling system

    ·         Integrated safety thermostat

    ·         HDT Heads (1 per station)

    ·         Vicat Nibs (1 per station)

    ·         Standard Fibre Stress 0.45, 1.8 or 8.00 MPa

    ·         Used defined fibre stress for HDT testing available

    ·         Standard Vicat penetration of 0.1mm or 1.00mm

    ·         User defined penetration depth for Vicat testing available

    ·         Temp resolution +/- 0.1°C

    ·         Temperature ramp rates of 50° or 120° C/hr

    ·         User defined ramp rates available

    ·         HDT span supports 64mm or 100mm

    ·         Resolution +/- 0.01mm

    ·         Bath capacity 8 liters

    ·         RS 232 connection/RS232 Cable

    ·         Windows File Capture Software

    ·         Fully traceable certificate of calibration

    ·         Product user manual

    ·         CE declaration certificate

    ·         110v – 240v 16amp

    ·     Conforms to ISO 75-1, 75-2, 75-3, 306 and ASTM D648, D1525, D5944, D5945