Dansensor® CheckPoint 3
  • Dansensor® CheckPoint 3

    Portable Hand Held Analyzer for quality check of Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP). Helps to measure Oxygen (O2) & CO2 content in Packages with balnce display (consider as Nitrogen).  Dansensor® CheckPoint 3 is very easy to use & use revolutionary sensor technology to measure Oxygen. Gas Analyzer can measure Oxygen (O2) & CO2 together very fast in few seconds only, help indutries to provide flexibility in headpsace measurement.



    • Easy to Use from the box.
    • New Revolutionary Sensor Technology
    • Portable Headspace Gas Analyzer for Quality control in MAP.
    • New Ceramic solid state O2 Sensor.
    • Measures O2% & CO2% & Nitrogen displayed as Balance %.
    • Easy to use, Optional Data Package, up to 1 million data logs.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity for data transfer
    • Low Cost of Ownership
    • Graphical statistics
    • Data Package (Optional)
    • Flow Check
    • Gas Analyzer use in MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging).
    • Measures Oxygen (O2).
    • Measure Oxygen (O2) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2).