•  OX-TRAN 2/28H is a fully automatic OTR analyzers wigh high throughput with 4 Test cells/chambers.


      The OX-TRAN 2/28H is a great quality tool for Packaging Industries to measure OTR (Oxygen Trasmission Rate) from High to poor barrier material with high throughput. It uses MOCON patended longest life Coulox sensor for OTR measurements.


      Only MOCON complaince to Industry Standard ASTM D 3985 

      Detection level down to 0.05 cc/



      • MOCON Patented Coulox sensor that meets Industry standard ASTM D 3985.
      • 4 Test Cartridges (Individual 4 test chambers to test 4 test samples).
      • Fully Automated Temperature, Flow, Pressure control, save test set up time.
      • Industry fastest sensor response time for accurate results in short test time.
      • Pnumatic Calmping with TrieSeal® Technology.
      • Auto Test Data Save/Print.
      • Built in Touchscreen Interface.
      • New QC mode for new Operators.

  • OX-TRAN 2/28H is high throughput OTR that meets Industry standard ASTM D 3985 with Coulox sensor for FMCG, Packaging, Pharma, Plastic Film Producer/Laminators, Convertors etc.