Dansensor® MAP Check 3 Pressure
  • MAP Check 3 – NEW

    A smarter way to control your MAP process


    MAP is the future. But companies producing MAP products with more gas than necessary may become history.

    That’s why our new gas analyser is so precise. The gas target you set is the gas dosage you get – that is the MAP Check 3. This stops the all-too-common practice of well-intentioned operators being too generous with the gas, not realising its effect on production costs.

    The only thing the MAP Check 3 does increase is your flexibility. Via the advanced GasSave function you can combine gas content monitoring on a vertical or horizontal flow packaging machine with real-time control of package flushing. For most manufacturers, this translates into a decreased gas consumption of 20-50%!

    It also improves your reliability and efficiency. On-line quality assurance with the MAP Check 3 ensures that every package is tested – much quicker and more efficiently than random, off-line quality control. And if there’s a problem, production will stop automatically, helping to avoid recalls or repacking of entire batches



    • Potential major gas savings with optional GasSave function or when used in combination with the MAP Mix Provectus
    •  Actual gas consumption logged and displayed for easy traceability with GasSave function
    •  Reduces labour and waste costs compared to manual testing
    •  Avoids recalls/repacking by stopping packaging machine if it exceeds preset limits
    • Reduces work area CO2 levels to protect employees





    • NEW: 5” colour touch screen
    • NEW: Improved data logging capabilities with USB, Ethernet, TCP Modbus
    • NEW: Ability to control MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer
    • NEW: Delivered with PC software
    • NEW OPTIONS: IP45 protection kit, 3-channel multiplexer
    • Optional built-in GasSave flow controller