Dansensor® Lippke VC 1400
  • Dansensor® Lippke VC 1400 - Vaccum Leak Detector.

    Dansensor Lippke VC 1400 is a vaccum gas analyzer user to check small leaks in different kind of Packaging such as flexibles, rigid etc. Provides leakage testing of tablet blister packs in a methylene blue bath and visual leakage testing under water with precisely controlled vacuum. Leakage testing of packages by measuring the vacuum loss. Testing is supported with automatic test documentation at the end of the cycle.


    Complaince with ASTM D 3078.

    Pressure units in mbar, mmHg & psi.

    Vacuum leavel adjutable from 100mbar to 900mbar.

    Standard Chamber dimentions are: WX D X H , 340 X 270 X 130mm. Optional Chamber size available on request.

    • Leak Testing of Flexibles Pouches in Water bubble method.
    • Leak Testing of Blisters & other pharma packaging by using blue dye method.
    • Visual inspection to find leak position.
    • Measuring the seal stregth of packages.