Dansensor® MAP Check 3
  • Control your Maodified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) Process.


    MAP is the future. But companies producing MAP products with more gas than necessary will be history.


    That's why our new online gas analyzer is so precise. The gas target you set, the gas dosage you get-That is the Dansensor® MAP CHECK 3. get the control on the MAP process & reduce the production cost. see below video:



    The only thing Dansensor® MAP CHECK 3 does increase your flexibility. Via the advance gas save function you can combine gas content monitoring on a vertical or Harizonal flow packaging machines (FFS machines) with real-time control of package flushing.



    • Enables major gas savings with optional gas save function or when paired with Dansensor® MAP MIX Provectus Gas mixer.
    • Logs & display actual gas consumption for easy traceability with gas save function.
    • Reduce labour & waste cost as compared to manual testing.
    • Avoid recalls or repackaging. 




    • Packaging Processes in Dairy, Snack food, Vegetables, Bakery, Pet food, fish & Meat Industries.
    • Online monitories of gas content on FFS machines.
    • Controling the process line with desired amount gas flush to maintain MAP.
    • Pilot plant studies in Institutes.