• Aquatran® Model 3 designed for customers who need to measure WVTR of ultra-high barrier films and packages. The AQUATRAN® Model 3 measures water vapor transmission rates accurately and repeatable to 5x10-5 g/(m2-day) and offers the following advantages:

    1. The AQUATRAN® Model 3 measures accurately to 5x10-5 g/(m2-day) repeatedly. That's an order of magnitude lower than the very successful Model
    2. The AQUATRACE® sensor requires no calibration as it follows Faradays Law and converts every molecule that enters the sensor into a measurable charge
    3. The transient data is quantifiable and can be viewed during or after the test. Analysis of transient data can yield important information about an OLED structure. For example, users tell us that viewing transient data is important in detecting defects and voids in the coatings applied in OLEDS.


    Some of more than 11 improvements to the Aquatran® Model 3 include:

    • Improved sensor design - increased sensitivity
    • Improved electronics - lower base "noise" level
    • Improved valve design - reduced leakage in plumbing
    • A new MOCON technology called TruSealTM which reduces seal edge leaks from ambient humidity


    Complaince to Standards:

    • ISO 15106-3   
    • ASTM F3299 



  • AQUATRAN® MODEL 3 is helpful where we really would like to get the WVTR value of super high barrier material. It helps to precisely measure WVTR up to 0.00005 gm/


    Today's World moving towards high barrier materials, AQUATRAN® MODEL 3 is the solution.