Exacta 200 Series Digital System
  • Designed for stringent lab requirements, the EX200 Series operates with A, Micro A, D, Micro D, IRHD, IRHD-Soft and IRHD-Micro measuring heads. These modular systems allow you to configure the system that is ideal for your testing applications. Select the appropriate test head to mount to the digital testing frame. Dozens of functions can be controlled through the digital electronics such as automatic averaging of test results of any group size, tolerances, control limits, and time-at-load. The system’s RS232 output lets you print reports on data with tolerances, time and date; X-Bar and R charts, histograms showing your hardness/time curve, etc.

    • Meets ASTM D2240
    • Modular system design for testing flexibility and custom configuration to your testing needs.
    • Advanced electronics supports dozens of functions including automatic averaging or results in user-defined groups, tolerance, control limits and time-at-load.
    • Complete selection of options and accessories including gage blocks and indenters. IRHD checking blocks come with certificate.
    • Test materials down to 0.05” (Micro A) or 0.04” to 0.08” thickness in IRHD range.
    • O-ring fixture ensure precise positioning for various O-ring sizes.
    • Unique specimen load weight eliminates errors due to specimen deflection under loading.
  • Rubber, Elastomers and Plastic samples. O-Rings.