• The OX-TRAN 2/12 oxygen permeation instrument was designed specially to produe results quickly and with minimal effort to increase your efficiency and streamline your operations. Your operator will now spend less time setting up and monitoring permeation tests, allowing them to achieve more in less time. 


    Complaince to ASTM F 2622.


    Easier to Use

    • Fully automated testing
    • Simplified sample preparation
    • Touch screen interface

    Increased Productivity

    • Save on labor hours with less in-test monitoring
    • Remote access and control
    • Automatic sequential testing

    Data with Confidence

    • Improved repeatability between instruments and/or locations*
    • Automatic compensation to compare historical data*
    • Improved sensor and electronics*
  •  OX-TRAN 2/12 is usefull for those producing plastic films , laminate films with wide barrier range.


    OX-TRAN 2/12 has wide measurement capability from 0.5 to 1,44,000 cc/


    *Note: OX-TRAN 2/12 is not complaince with ASTM D 3985. Only MOCON OX-TRAN 2/22 series complaince with ASTM D 3985.