PERMATRAN-C® Model 4/30
  • PERMATRAN-C Model 4/30 is a carbon dioxide (CO2) transmission rate test system for assessing barrier films and package materials. The PERMATRAN-C Model 4/30 is ideally suited for rapidly predicting product shelf-life, or checking the quality of incoming and outgoing packaging materials. These results aid in structure development and prevent costly over packaging.

    • Fully Automatic Next Generation Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmission Rate Analyzer. 
    • Test Both options i.e. Flast Films/Laminates as well as finished Packages.
    • Complaince with ASTM F 2476
    • Two test chambers
    • Low CO2TR  detection level down to 0.5 cc/
    • MOCON's patended Modulated IR sensor for CO2TR measurement.

    The PERMATRAN-C Model 4/30 perform tests directly at "real world" temperature and CO2 levels. Fully Automatic Temperature, Pressure, Flow controls with simplfied testing at high accusracy for repetable results.  


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  • CO2TR measurement in Plastic Films, Laminates & Packages as per:

    ASTM F 2476

    DIN 53380-4

    ISO 15105-2