HT-1SX Hot Tack Tester
  • The hot tack tester provides an accurate, repeatable and consistent method of testing the sealing properties of a wide range of materials.


    RDM HT-1XS Hot Tack Tester - Low cost of ownership. It's required very low meaintence as not using any solenoid valves for movement. So expected breakdown time is negligible with precise & reproducable mesurement make him prefered Hot Tack in Indutry.

    Precise control of temperature, pressure and dwell time is controlled via the touch screen display, whilst controls within the hot tack tester automatically pulls the sample away from the heated jaws. The force required to separate the seal is then measured by a sensitive and accurate load cell.

    The loading of the sample is quick and easy with a small pneumatic grip at each end of the mechanism. Both clamps are designed to prevent slippage or premature release of the sample material. The resulting seal force can be presented in either grams or newtons by customizing the software.

    The computer interface and the specifically designed software enables the data to be captured and graphically displayed, along with test criteria for each file of testing. Results follow the requirements of the ASTM  F 1921-98 test method producing Load vs time and load vs temperature curves, and also featuring data management capabilities. Data can be printed in table format, graph format or Word reports, furthermore data can be exported to other appropriate software for customized tables, SPC and other graphical reports.

    Cold peel testing can be performed on the same instrument, thereby making it possible to study Hot Tack and Cold Peel performance of seals and to obtain information about package performance both under production conditions and development.

    The HT-1XS can also perform Hot Tack measurement values using the falling weight test for comparison evaluation making it a versatile heat seal performance test apparatus.

  • Hot Tack Testing as per ASTM F 1921 & Cold sealing as per ASTM F 2029, Seal Strength as per ASTM F 88.