MultiCheck® 300/400 Series

    ·         MultiCheck® 300 & 400 Series- Head Space, Leak & Seal Strength

    The MultiCheck® 300/400 Series  Package Integrity Test System combines MOCON’s Lippke® 4500 series and its PAC CHECK® 302 to provide an all-in-one system that measures O2 headspace coupled with leak detection and seal strength. Ideal for a broad spectrum of food, pharmaceutical and medical products which are shelf life sensitive, the MultiCheck® 300 allows users to signigicantly reduce resources and testing times while achieving the same accurate results by using only half the number of package samples. Designed to perform virtually all accepted test methods used to measure O2, seal strength, leak detection and total package integrity.



    • Meat/Poultry
    • Coffee
    • Cheese
    • Snack Foods
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Beverages
    • Flexible, Semi Rigid, Rigid Packages
    • Polymer, Paperboard, Metal Based Materials