OpTech®-O2 Model P

    The OpTech - O2 Model P -  Versatile / Innovative / Easy-to-Use


    It measures Headspace Oxygen, DO (Disoolve Oxygen), Pressure inside the package & also can be used to measure Oxygen transmission rate. It is ideal multi-application oxygen analyzer for food, beverages, pharmaceutical and medical applications where mesuring oxygen and understanding its effect on product shelf life is critical. In addition, the Model P offers the new Pressure needle which enables the instrument to automatically compensate for internal package pressure.


    Conforms to ASTM F 2714-08 & ASTM F 3136-15




    Users report the OpTech is the simplest optical oxygen analyzer to use. 


    The OpTech is also the most flexible optical analyzer available today offering:

    • O2 headspace analysis with measurement of Inside pressure
    • Dissolved O2 analysis
    • Tiny Volume analysis capability
    • Optical analysis through opaque barriers
    • Permeation OTR testing
    • Permeation OTR of perforate film
    • Simple no gas calibration with CalCard®
    • Platinum chemistry
    • Validation services IQ/OQ
    • complaince to 21 CFR PART 11.



    • Permeation Film Cell
    • OpTech-O2 Model P Sharp Needle with pressure Sensor
    • OpTech-O2 Model P blunt Needle Sensor
    • OpTech-O2 Model P Needle sensor (no pressure)
    • ImPULSE External Sensor
    • Reusable platinium Internal Sensor
    • Permanent Internal Sensor
    • Portability Kit
    • Bar Code Reader




    OpTech®- O2 Model P is the ideal multi-application oxygen analyzer for beverage, pharmaceutical, and food products where maintaining barrier integrity is critical.