PAC CHECK® 302 Hand-held 02 Analyzer
  • PAC CHECK Headspace analyzers are imperative for accurate shelf life testing of finished packages, including CAP/MAP (Controlled Atmosphere Packaging / Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Sample testing is necessary to insure package integrity and to confirm the level of O2 left in the package.

    You can be certain that QA/QC checks are being performed since this analyzer has the ability to store information (400 readings) such as (6) operators and product names along with results. Get headspace results and be certain that the product has the best possible packaging quality per operator and per product. The PAC CHECK 302 is the ideal instrument for sample tests with only a minimum gas required for even the smallest packs in a Modified Atmosphere Packaging system.

  • The PAC CHECK Model 302 is a cordless single-handed Oxygen analyzer for checking modified atmospheres inside packages. It is the ideal instrument for portable, fast and accurate headspace tests on the packaging line, in warehouses or in laboratories.