OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 L
  •  OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 L

    The world's First most advanced oxygen permeation measurement system.
    Fully automated, faster coulometric oxygen transmission rate test system.
    Only MOCON’s systems comply with ASTM D-3985.
    ASTM D-3985 Films
    ASTM F-1927 Films
    DIN 53380 Films
    JIS K-7126 Films
    ASTM F1307 packages
    ISO CD 15105-2
    Lower Detection level up to 0.005 cc/m2.day
    Validation service available
    • Stand alone with integrated computer
    • Intuitive touch screen interface
    • On-board data storage
    • Fully automated testing
    • Advanced testing with manual control
    • Repeatability improved 2.5 times *
    • Faster time to results
    • Faster set up
    • Easy Film placement
    • Horizontal pneumatically clamped test cells
    • Auto control of RH, pressure and Flow
    • Auto temperature control
    • Auto sequential testing
    • Auto test save and printing
    • Package testing adapter (Optional)
    • High purge rate for packages
    • Fast, simple change from wet to dry testing
    • TruSeal™ test cell
    • Ethernet and USB ready
    • Faster Coulox® coulometric sensor
    • No calibration required
    • Gas saver
    • Sensor over-range protection
    • Circuit board protection
    • Built in calendar
    • Remote diagnosis

  •  Oxygen Transmission Rate measurement of Pastic Films, Laminates, Pouches, Bottles, Containers, Blisters, Closures, Sheetings etc.