Delta Hi-E Glass Bottle Pressure Test Machine
  • Delta Hi-E Glass Bottle pressure test machine.

    The Delta Hi-E is designed to pressure test Glass bottles. Typically used in package testing laboratories, bottling plants or at a Glass bottle manufacturing facilities.

    The Delta uses precise state of the art measuring and control systems to reflect accurately the actual pressure of glass specimens. Various ramp and dwell profiles can be created and stored in the machine memory. The control system also holds a calibration routine for pressure. This can be used for periodic machine calibration and is easily done by the user.

    The Delta Hi-E operates from a standard 7 Bar compressed air connection; it does not require connection to a high-pressure gas bottle or air intensifier.

  • Glass bottles testing available models are:

    • Delta 3000:- for testing both Glass and PET bottles
    • Delta Hi-E Glass:- for testing Glass bottles.
    • Delta Hi-E PET:- for testing PET bottles.