SL-10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester
  • Lako Tool’s SL-10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester, is the most precise and consistent heat seal tester in the packaging industry!

    Testing capabilities include: heat sealing, heat-seal testing and hot-tack testing. The SL-10 provides critical nformation needed to determine ideal sealing conditions for packaging films.


    • Conforms to ASTM F 1921-98 for hot-tack seal testing
    • Direct-touch color screen
    • Computer controlled pressure, temperature and dwell time
    • Ethernet port, Printer Port, 2 USB Ports, PS/2 Keyboard Port, VGA Monitor Port
    • Independent upper & lower sealing temperatures
    • Dual-load cells for consistent sealing surface pressure
    • Measures actual dwell time on the sealing sample
    • Safety guards and switches for safe operation
    • Case with hardware


    • Additional Quick-Change Seal Jaw Inserts with any seal pattern
    • Upgrade to automatic sample-loading power tray (recommended to eliminate potential operator inconsistencies while inserting film samples).
    • Hot-tack / Automatic seal-puller
    • Phenolic seal-jaw tray
    • Anti-trip foot pedal
    • On-site training


    The SL-10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester's touch-screen computer allows the operator to quickly change key parameters such as pressure, temperature and dwell time.

    The built-in dual-load cells measure the actual force applied to the film. The computer controlled temperature is assured to +/-2°F across the entire width of the film sample.

    The SL-10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester is equipped with a full-capacity computer that automatically compiles and graphs test results. The operator can easily recall and view stored test results. Printer and data ports allow the user to create reports and communicate information quickly and accurately.



    Actual Hot Tack process video:



  • Conforms to ASTM F2029 Standard Practices for Making Heatseals for Determination of Heatsealability of Flexible Webs as Measured by Seal Strength.