PAC CHECK® 650EC Bench top 02 and C02
  • The PAC CHECK® Model 650 EC is part of MOCON’s new Performance Series.
    Its contemporary design highlights its functionality as a benchtop CO2 & O2 headspace analyzer. Its tiny foot print makes it an ideal instrument for fast accurate headspace tests on the
    packaging line or in the laboratory.

    Cal-Smart® gives you 2 point O2 and 1 point CO2 calibration at the touch of a button. Cal-Smart® uses no calibration gas and ensures an accurate test reading...everytime.

    Flo Smart®. Built in technology which detects any blockage of sample flow. Ensures a proper sample was taken. This is the ideal instrument for even small packages, requiring just 3 ml of sample gas.

    Simple to use, with only three keys and user replaceable electrochemical oxygen sensor002E.