Eagle™ V-Series Metal Detector

    Eagle™ V-Series Metal Detector

    Designed to inspect in-flight product before it’s packed into bags, pouches, sachets or boxes.

    Eagle’s V-Series metal detector provides superior detection and automatic rejection of all metal contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous and magnetic and non magnetic stainless steels, in the FoodPet Food andPharmaceutical/Personal Care industries.

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  •  The inline product inspection solution is capable of metal detection in a wide variety of vertical packaging applications, including confectionerysnacks and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) food products before they are packed into bagspouchessachets or boxes.

    Additional features and benefits include:

    • Full colour intuitive operator touch screen ensures quick set-up, maximizing operator efficiency and minimizing downtime
    • Zero Metal Free Zone (ZMFZ) and Internal Cancellation Field (ICF) technology minimize overall height requirements and enable the detector to be installed adjacent to other metal structures and equipment, e.g. between a weigher and bagger, without jeopardizing performance
    • A painted finish is available with a sealing of IP65, supporting hygiene programs and cleaning regimes, ensuring reliability and maximum efficiency in all environments
    • Compatibility with most leading weigher and bagger combinations allows easy integration and maximizes performance. Fixed position, slide or swing-out mounting frames and non-metallic product throughput tubes are also available for maximum installation effectiveness and process performance.
    • Ability to inspect product in-flight between the weigher and bagger maximizes process efficiency
    • Built-in operational and performance validation software guides QA staff through a full system validation procedure, ensuring stable and reliable performance and compliance with industry standards and customer specifications. Validation and line performance data are stored within the metal detector and can be communicated to company management information systems via RS232 or Wireless Ethernet, supporting decision making and due diligence needs