Eagle™ FA720 BULK

    Eagle™ FA720 BULK

    Designed for fat analysis and contamination detection in bulk meat

    Featuring DEXA technology, Eagle’s FA720 BULK is capable of inspecting 100% of throughput in real time and producing chemical lean (CL) values within +/- 1CL.

    The x-ray system provides superior detection and automatic rejection of the following physical contaminants:

    • Glass shards
    • Metal fragments, including stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Mineral stone
    • Some plastics and rubbers
    • Calcified bone
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  •  Suitable for bulk meat and naked (frozen) blocks with a maximum height of 178mm (7”) and a maximum width of 533mm (21”), the machine is capable of inspecting up to 160 tons or 3000 blocks of meat per hour.

    The FA720 BULK also helps manufacturers increase productivity by simultaneously measuring mass.

    Additional features and benefits include:

    • Ability to accurately measure chemical lean values within +/- 1CL, and weight, on user-defined bulk batches or individual naked blocks
    • Unique VALIDATE feature enables easy routine and on-demand calibration validation at the push of a button. The VALIDATE feature eliminates the need for running heavy, delicate, and expensive "phantoms" (standard) blocks through the system. VALIDATE uses an internal set of servo-driven precision calibration standards, securely protected from the environment, to verify that the system is in calibration. VALIDATE also generates a secure electronic log to afford a history of the calibration performance of the FA720, useful for supporting the FA720 as a Critical Control Point (CCP), but also in defending against fat claims
    • TraceServer™ software for enhanced data collection. The FA720 BULK also provides integration capability with the optional Eagle TraceServer®, for remote server access and networking. The TraceServer software enables monitoring of inspection statistics, images and reports generated by the FA720 BULK from anycomputer with network access
    • AMI sanitary design and IP69K rating essential for food inspection in harsh wash down environments
    • Built in modem and Ethernet card for remote technical support
    • Optional Remote Touchscreen Console (RTC) enables convenient remote display and operation of the FA720 BULK