Eagle™ Tall Pro X

    Eagle™ Tall Pro X

    Designed for x-ray inspection of high-speed can, jar, bottle and composite lines

    Eagle’s Tall PRO X provides superior detection and automatic rejection of the following contaminants in the FoodBeveragesPet Food, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care industries:

    • Glass shards (including glass contamination within glass containers)
    • Metal fragments (including metal within foil and metalized film packaging)
    • Mineral stone
    • Some plastic and rubber compounds
    • Calcified bone

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  •  Running at line rates in excess of 1000 PPM, the Tall PRO X is capable of foreign body detection in the following packaging types:

    • Tall rigid containers, including glass, metal and ceramic containers
    • Plastic containers
    • Cartons/boxes
    • Pouches

    With multiple inspection capabilities, the x-ray system can help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers increase productivity by simultaneously performing the following inline product integrity checks:

    • Fill level inspection
    • Mass measurement
    • Seal inspection
    • Component counts

    It is capable of detecting dented cans and gross seam defects and can also help to maximize overall production line efficiency by reducing rotary cooker jams in canning.