Eagle™ Quadview PRO

    Eagle™ Quadview PRO

    Designed for x-ray inspection of jars and bottles and ideal for glass-in-glasscontaminant detection

    Eagle’s QuadView PRO provides superior x-ray detection performance and automatic rejection of the following foreign objects in the Food and Beverageindustries:

    • Glass shards (including glass contamination within glass containers)
    • Metal fragments (including metal within foil and metalized film packaging)
    • Mineral stone
    • Some plastic and rubber compounds
    • Calcified bone
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  •  The four-view detection coverage provides full food inspection of container sizes up to 304mm (12”) tall and 152mm (6”) in diameter, eliminating blind spots that commonly occur at the bottom of containers.

    The QuadView PRO x-ray system is capable of foreign body detection in the following packaging types:

    • Tall rigid containers, including glass, metal and ceramic containers
    • Plastic containers
    • Cartons/boxes

    With impressive contamination detection capabilities at line rates in excess of 1000 PPM, it can help manufacturers increase productivity by simultaneously performing the following inline product integrity checks:

    • Fill level inspection
    • Mass measurement
    • Seal inspection
    • Component counts