84-92 Lab Master Z-Directional Tensile Tester

    The measurement of Z-Directional tensile strength was developed to determine the structure of a sheet of paper or board when subjected to tensile stresses in the out-of-plane direction or Z-Direction. Z-Directional Tensile Strength is a measure of the internal fiber bonding strength of a substrate.


    Z Directional Tensile Strength is different than other conventional means of measuring maximum force (Tensile Strength) or internal bonding strength such as the Scott Bond method for materials strength testing. Other strength properties for this type of measurement include: internal bond strength, ply adhesion and ply bond strength.


    The Lab Master® ZDT Tester is a precision PC Controlled testing instrument which automatically determines internal bond strength according to TAPPI T 541. All testing parameters such as test speed, dwell time and compression force are selectable in an easy to use, intuitive software program supplied with the instrument.


    Peak Force is measured to a maximum capacity of 1100 N (250 Lbs) with a 0.04 N (0.01Lbs) resolution and accuracy of ±0.5% of reading. Position is measured and controlled with 0.1μm resolution and 0.2 μm repeatability. Peak force is measured by applying a force in the z-direction until ply separation occurs.


    ZDT measurements are an effective tool for monitoring a variety of strength properties which aid in improving printing and coating applications, bonding strength of paper cores, delamination strength, intrinsic fiber bond strength, paperboard and combined board strength and fiber-to-fiber bond strength.

    Lab Master® ZDT Advantages

    • Windows® Environment - Extremely simple to operate, it works on Windows XP.
    • Data Storage - Sample and Test Information is stored for future recall
    • Presentation - Easy operation of test instrument using Touch Screen, Result and test curve/graph information is displayed on display


    Force (tension and compression)    
    Maximum 1100 N ±250 lbs  
    Resolution 0.04 N 0.01 lbs  
    Accuracy ±0.5% of reading ±0.5% of reading ±0.25 lb. Exceeds the requirements of ISO 7500-1 Class 0.5 Tension or Compression
    Overload rating 150% 150%  
    Travel and Position      
    Travel (maximum) 160 mm 6.25 inches Varies depending on attachment
    Position Resolution 0.1µm 0.00004 inches  
    Position Repeatability 0.2 µm 0.00008 inches  
    Position Accuracy ±1.0 µm ±0.00004 inches  
    Position Accuracy (cumulative) ±1.0 µm/60mm (cum.) ±0.000017 inches/2.4 inches (cum.)
    Range 0.01 to 13 mm/second 0.01 to 0.5 inches/second
    Accuracy (steady state) Better than 0.05% Better than 0.05%  
    Data Acquisition rate 2 kHz 2 kHz  
    Throat Depth 82 mm 3.3 inches  
    Number of repeat cycles As required As required  
    Display- TFT flat panel touch screen 300 mm 12 inch  
    Environmental Range    
    Temperature (operating) 5ºC to 35ºC 40º to 95ºF  
    Temperature (storage) -20ºC to 55ºC -4º to 130ºF  
    Humidity (operating and storage) 10% to 85% Non-condensing 10% to 85% Non-condensing  


    • Conforms to TAPPI T 541 Internal Bond Strength of Paperboard (Z-Direction Tensile)
    • Conforms to ISO 15754 Paper and board - Determination of Z-directional tensile strength
    • Color Touch Screen display
    • Storage and editing of up to 300 readings
    • Selectable units (kPa or psi), RS 232, settable limits, statistics-average, standard deviation, high/low results
    • Report printout with optional printer
    • 2 USB ports for easy data storage and/or printer
    • User specifies force, position, speed & duration of test
    • Variable speed up to 10cm (4 in) per minute
    • Quick release locking pins offer easy removal and insertion of platens
    • Table top, small dimension of the tester
    • PC Controlled testing operation
    • Displays Sample results and Test curve after each

    Physical Dimensions

    W X D X H 490 X 535 X 880 mm 19.25 X 21 X 34.75 in  
    Working Surface Height 290 mm 11.5 inches  
    Weight 50 kg 110 lbs.  


    Electrical Characteristics

    Supply Voltage 100-240 VAC
    Current (max. 10 Amperes
    Frequency 50-60 Hz

    PDF Product Data Sheet:

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