49-76/77 Thickness Tester

    Testing Machines Inc., of the TMI Group of Companies, is pleased to introduce two new precision micrometers.
    Our latest innovation is the model 49-76/77 thickness tester. The NEW model 49-76/77 incorporates a robust mechanical design and features a proprietary electronic measurement system which produces extremely stable zero control and maintains perfect calibration. Unlike conventional thickness testers available today the 49-76/77 does not use adjustment knobs or potentiometers to adjust settings. The unit features a one-touch auto zero and a PC controlled calibration routine.


    The 49-76/77 can be configured to meet variety international specifications and test standards for different types of materials including plastic film, paper, corrugated, tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

    Designed as an affordable and precision micrometer, the unit is available in two models:

    • Model 49-76 is suitable for measuring thin sheet materials, the measuring range is 0.0000-1.2700 mm (0.00-50.00 mil).
    • Model 49-77 has a range of 0.000-12.700 mm (0.00000-0.50000 inch).
    • Model 49-76/77 is supplied in imperial or metric units of measurement. A serial port is included for data export.


    Paper, Paperboard, Corrugated, Cloth, Plastic, Rubber, Plastic Film, Textile Fabrics, Nonwovens, Felts, Geomaterials, Floor Coverings, Leathers and Wipes.

    • Large digital display
    • Auto zero
    • Two measurement ranges: 0.0000-1.2700 mm or 0.000-12.700 mm
    • Special anvil diameters and dead weight loads available
    • Calibrated gage blocks (available, for instrument verification)
    • Motorized auto cycling
    • Imperial or metric units
    • Serial port

    Download Brochure PDF