83-11 Monitor/Tear Tester

    Tear testing determines the force required to continue the tearing of an initial cut in sheet materials. This is also used to evaluate strength of perforated materials such as postal reply cards.

    The Monitor/Tear™ is an automated tear tester equipped with an optical encoder, measuring the angular position of the pendulum during the tearing operation, and converting this measurement to tear units.


    Paper, Foil, Film, Textiles, Nonwovens


    • Conforms to TAPPI T-414, ASTM D1922 and D1424, ISO 1974, CPPA D.9, AS/NZ 1301.400S, BS 4468, and SCAN P-11

    • Digital display
    • Storage and editing of up to 500 readings
    • Easily interchangeable pendulums
    • Auto calibration of pendulum
    • RS-232
    • Selectable units (percentage, millinewtons, grams)
    • Settable limits, Statistics, Average, Standard deviation, high/low results
    • Grips and pendulum releases are pneumatic
    • Clamp pressure in psi and kg/cm2
    • Calculates and displays average tearing force for single ply values in millinewtons or gram force
    • Report printout with optional printer

      Depth:   305 mm (12 in.)
      Height:   508 mm (20 in.)
      Width:   305 mm (12 in.)
      Weight   10.4 kg (23 lb)

      Electrical:   Specify voltage requirements when ordering
      Air:   (instrument quality) 600 kPa


    Catalog Number 83-11-01-0001 (Tester)

    • 83-11-06 - 3200 gram pendulum
    • 83-11-07 - 6400 gram pendulum
    • 83-11-08 - Universal pendulum - 200, 400, 800 and 1600 gram pendulums; the required calibration weights are included

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