LeakPointer II - NEW
  • LeakPointer II - NEW

    Off-line leak detection of MAP products

    Now with optical sensor

    The LeakPointer II is a table top model – the smallest of the Dansensor on-line/off-line leak testers for modified atmosphere packages in which CO2 is part of the gas mix.

    The LeakPointer II detects – quickly and easily – seal integrity problems in modified atmosphere packages of any kind with at least 10% COin the gas mix.

    Leaking packages can be very expensive to the manufacturer. Avoiding a single product recall is very often enough to justify the investment in a Dansensor leak detection unit.

    Benefits :
    • Reduced costs from non-destructive testing
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Reduced risk of cross contamination (compared to traditional water bath)
    • Minimal risk of human error
    • Detection of package leaks
    • Quality control of seal integrity
    • Minimises the risk of expensive product recalls due to leaky packages
    • Detects mechanical packaging machine errors, e.g. incorrect sealing settings (heat, pressure and duration)
    Other Features:
    • NEW: Optical sensor
    • NEW: No heating time
    • Data logging of measurement data
    • Product program selection via bar code or touch screen
    • Short testing cycle (< 30 sec.)
    • Easy operation via touch screen
    • 3-year COsensor warranty
    • Compact table top system
    • Ideal for laboratory and production area