CheckPoint II
  • CheckPoint II

     Portable gas analyser for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP)

    Workflow perfection

    State-of-the-art and simple to work with – that is the CheckPoint II, Dansensor’s latest portable gas analyser. The CheckPoint II is an easy way of storing all important data of the MAP production centrally – a portable quality control instrument which will help you make the transition from paper-based to electronic record keeping. Now you need only record test results once: with just batch number and product ID you’re sure to get an efficient, error-free transfer of test data to a PC.


    The CheckPoint II is ideal for small to medium-sized operations – or when you need a device you can carry around. The analyser has built-in intelligence which alerts you to any irregularities with the gas content of your packages.


    • Easy operation – a minimum of training required
    • Easy transfer and analysis of quality control
    • Can be configured to match any quality control set-up
    • Durable design – will withstand many years of operation
    • Ergonomic design


    • Available for either oxygen (O2) or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide (O2/CO2) measurement
    • PC software included
    • Easy data transfer to a PC via the included DockIn
    • Standard, low-cost syringes
    • Optional built-in bar code scanner for product, operator and batch selection