GreenLight® Model 930
  • GreenLight : Aerobic Bacterial Counts

    Principle; This is a simple low medium through-put test that provides total aerobic viable counts(TVC's or APC's) of food samples by measuring bacterial oxygen consumption and equating oxygen consumption  to viable microbial load. As bacteria in the test sample grow and respire they deplete 02 which is detected as an increase in the GreenLight® probe signal above the baseline level. The time required to reach this increase in signal is used to calculate the the cfu/g of the original food sample, based on a pre-determined calibration.

    The GreenLight 930 offers simplicity and time saving features not possible with legacy systems such as film or agar plate techniques.  Time to result is more than 10 times faster and testing costs are reduced by eliminating the serial dilution of samples and multiple plate readings.

    The GreenLight® Model 930 is ideal for companies whose daily requirements for screening total plate counts (aerobic plate counts, APC, TPC, TVC) is above 25 assays per day.

    There are two models available:

    • Model 930- 2: 2.0 ml vials
    • Model 930-15: 15.0 ml vial
  • Meats, Poultry, Produce and many other foods.